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4th of July Parade

Rogue Valley Corvettes was well represented at the 4th of July Parade in Central Point.

In fact, Bill Christie was elected Grand Marshall because of his many contributions to the parade in the past.  Congratulations, Bill!

Morris & Virginia won first place for their car decorations, Rod McLeod won second place, and Tony Wiggins won third.
Other members who drove their Corvettes were Blair, Rod & Ellen, Don & Sande, Kerry & Cherie, Bob & Mary, and Don & Nan.  Rod Mcleod had his father-in-law, a World War II veteran, sitting on the back and everyone in the audience clapped and whistled as he drove by.  There were thousands of people who watched the parade.  It was a great time, good weather, and a super crowd.
Sande Silva

Social Director


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