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April 2018

President’s Letter April 2018

The April meeting at Mac’s Diner in Shady Cove was terrific and 41 Corvette enthusiasts were in attendance. Once again, Mac’s Diner provided excellent service and great food. The social portion of the meeting was something to witness as hugs among members were taking place everywhere. A couple of guests were perhaps surprised by what they saw taking place in this group which was actually less than half of our membership. As you all know, these meetings are recorded for the business portion accuracy. There was so much laughter and frivolity that we may have to turn up the recorder to capture a speaker’s dialog. The “Fall Classic” t-shirt modeling by Steve Vedder was a hoot. I think perhaps he has missed his calling in life by not being an entertainer. John Doelger and Kerry Provancha continue to bring humor to our lives with the monthly meeting joke. John and Sharon Warren’s return trip experience from Mexico must be presented to RVC. I think they should have bought burros to ride as the Tundra took a severe beating.

I can’t say enough about how caring our group is for one another and how proud it makes me. I just received word that Kent Colahan’s health issue has made an unbelievable turn for the better. His immune system is low and he must limit contact with others, but communication from RVC membership is very important. A positive attitude is critical in facing challenges like this and Kent possesses that strong trait. A number of us have faced life threatening situations and it really brings to the forefront of what is important in life. In my opinion, it’s God, Family, & Friends. I could write a book on what RVC has done for our membership in the past and I hope that it never stops. Let’s not let trivial issues limit us to enjoying life to the fullest as life can be over very quickly as we have recently witnessed.

There are RVC activities coming at us from every angle and “thanks” goes to all of you who responded to activities suggestions in the recent questionnaire. If you need to get the itch of going fast out of your system, attend the Rogue Karting event on April 23rd. Car show invitations are everywhere. The Rogue River Jet Boat ride from Gold Beach will be great fun, but move fast in securing overnight lodging. There are plans for RVC meetings coming up at the McLeod’s and Warren’s homes and don’t miss those.

There are a number of individuals seeking membership in RVC, so please introduce yourself and offer seating with you at the meetings, or events, if possible. You may be astonished at the backgrounds of our membership. Thank you for all the phone calls and cards regarding the recent ordeal that “ Mother Marilyn” endured.

Warm regards to all

Jim Pack

March 2018

President’s Letter March 2018

 The results of our recent RVC questionnaire on activities and operations will be in review at the end of March.  The results will subsequently be openly discussed at our meeting on April 14th.  Sande Silva, RVC Social Chairperson, along with an activities committee, will be reviewing questionnaire responses for new ideas and activities suggestions.  Craig Westby, Vice President, is advisor to all RVC committees as per By-Laws and he is available to assist if needed.

The proposed By-Laws Changes as discussed at our March 10th RVC meeting failed to pass due to a failure to meet the two-thirds minimum membership approval voting requirement for amendments.  All measures, with the exception of the lowering of the quorum percentage from 25% to 15% would have passed in this past election.  By-Laws are to be reviewed each year in October and voted on by the membership in November.

A valid question was put forth at our March 10th meeting regarding the RVC 2018 budget for activities.  The $800 total budget for activities was in part, a result of costs not being submitted to RVC by members that were hosting our meetings, or events, which were conducted in their homes.  Those costs should not be the sole responsibility of the hosts when good judgment is utilized.  There are typically 4 to 5 meetings, or events, per year that are hosted by gracious RVC members in their homes.

Our recent purchase of the $140.00 Audio 2000’s P/A system from Amazon for our regular meetings was not satisfactory due to the failure of it’s two wireless microphones as well as a malfunction within the sound system unit itself.  The system had a 1 year warranty and it was returned to Amazon for a credit.  We will be utilizing our much larger Yamaha Stagepas 300 P/A system with Shure wireless microphone in the interim.  The Yamaha system has been terrific in it’s performance for 12 years and the sound quality is excellent as we all know.  It appears the old adage of “you get what you pay for” may still be valid in electronics.

Spring has arrived, but weather snow warnings for Southern Oregon continued this past week.  Studded tires for Corvettes on the Siskiyous might be a business opportunity.

Jim Pack



Last Friday Lunch at Yummy Yan’s Chinese Restaurant, Medford

Our last Friday turned out to be a beautiful sunny day.  Thirteen RVC members and one guest met for lunch at Yummy Yan’s Chinese Restaurant in Medford.   Art & Grace Peary brought out their beautiful Corvette.  We all enjoyed different meals and several of us took home leftover food.  Owner Sally was on hand to greet all of us.  Yummy Yan’s is a great supporter of Rogue Valley Corvettes and Nyla our waitress did a fantastic job as usual.  It was great to have Karen McQueen join us for her second RVC event.

Written by:

Marilyn Pack

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