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KCC Thank You

It was so great to have you and other Southern Oregon/Northern California Corvette Members on campus today for a tour of our Auto-Diesel programs!  I wanted to send you the group picture we took as part of the day . I think it turned out great, don’t you?  In case you need to refer to names in your newsletter, our KCC Foundation Board Chair is Steve Tippin and our Auto-Diesel Program Lead is Jeff Rush.  Both are in the picture (as well as me too) as you can see in the attached.

 THANK YOU and your members so much for your generous donation to our students and their success! J


 Julie Murray-Jensen

Vice President of Enrollment and External Affairs


Klamath Community College Check Presentation

Klamath Community College Check Presentation – January 9, 2018
Fifteen RVC members and 2 guests along with 2 representatives from Klamath Cruise Association traveled to Klamath Community College building 6. We were greeted by Julie Murray-Jensen, Vice President of Enrollment and External Affairs. Julie gave us a brief overview about the foundation scholarship program and thanked RVC members for their contributions toward the program. Steve Tippen, KCC Foundation Board Chair joined us for the tour of the Auto Diesel facility. We all made our way to the building and were greeted by the Auto-Diesel Program Lead Jeff Rush. Jeff gave us an overview of the program and a tour of their state of the art facility. After the tour we gathered to take a group picture and presented Steve Tippen with their check for $3000. All three Klamath representatives thanked all members again for coming out and for our continued support. After the presentation concluded, we made our way to Klamath Basin Brewing Company for an outstanding lunch and a nice visit with each other.

Author: Marilyn Pack

January 2018

President’s Letter January 2018

I wish to welcome Rogue Valley Corvettes membership to an exciting new year as we pursue that dream of “Making Corvette Memories Together” in 2018. The founding principals of our organization are quite clear in our red, white, & blue logo, by-laws and job descriptions which provide the guidance for our involvement in Camaraderie – Corvettes – Community. RVC is a non profit, educational, recreational, and social club of Corvette owners and enthusiasts. Our biggest strength, however, is the greatest group of individuals that comprise our organization that I have ever encountered. The members have repeatedly shown their pride in belonging to RVC and their concern for one another. If you do not like the firm handshakes, or the many hugs that you will receive, then perhaps it’s time for some introspection. I am so proud of the great qualities that exist in each one of you. Get to know fellow members and you will be amazed at their backgrounds and what they have accomplished. As RVC has grown in size, I will bet there are members that you struggle to remember their names. Wear your name badges and introduce yourself. Sit with different members at meetings and you will be amazed at their backgrounds and the fact that we are all drawn together because of a world class automobile, Corvette. RVC has assembled the “A Team” of Officers, Board of Trustees and Appointees for 2018 and they are excited to assist in building an even better organization for our membership. We look forward to continue to build the finest Corvette club in the Pacific Northwest. That goal can only be accomplished through teamwork and the active participation of our membership in RVC.

We will have forthcoming questionnaires on what activities you enjoy, meeting location preferences, meeting procedures, community involvement activities, charities, and Fall Classic Car Show improvements. Enthusiasm for what we do and membership participation are the key elements to the success of Rogue Valley Corvettes. That’s where those “Corvette Memories” are developed. This is your club, the direction you would like RVC to pursue and above all “Having Fun and Pride in What We Do”. There were sincere ideas put forth at out January 7th meeting regarding a few by-law changes and I ask that you please give thought to those discussions and proposals put forth. Your opinions matter and the “A-Team” will be listening to what is forthcoming from our membership questionnaires. An “outside of the box” suggestion for a change that has merit will certainly be explored. As mentioned in our January meeting, please make certain that you have full access to the RVC website.

Warm Regards,

Jim Pack, President

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