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April 2014

 RVC Membership,

Membership continues to grow within Rogue Valley Corvettes and we are delighted that Dennis Warrender & Evelyn Koster as well as Gary & Jean Asher have joined our ranks. Kerry & Cherie Provancha have also submitted an application. Welcome to all of you and our focus will continue to be one of “Building Corvette Memories Together.”

There are many exciting activities planned for RVC in the weeks and months ahead. My personal bucket list includes another Laguna Seca Raceway trip to watch the C7r’s proudly display their capability and that means win! The Hoskin’s & Pack’s leave tomorrow for Monterey. RVC has the following upcoming events scheduled:

May 3rd Eagle Point High School Car Show

May 10th Danner’s Eagle Point home potluck / RVC meeting

May 24th Southern Oregon Veterans Benefit @ Centennial Golf Course

May 24th & 25th Sacramento Old Town & Train Museum

June 7th Pack’s Cabin potluck / RVC meeting

June 14th Medford Cruise Event & RVC cruise route security

June 21st Umpqua Valley wineries tour

June 27th “Drive Your Corvettes To Lunch” in Jacksonville

June 28th Howard Prairie lunch

The new RVC website is under construction and reflects significant changes. The RVC website committee met today finalizing many details. The roll out will be made asap. John & Sharon Warren have returned to Southern Oregon from their extended stay on “Warren Peace” in Mexico A meeting was held at their beautiful home in Grants Pass on April 26th to organize many facets and duties related to our 9th annual “Fall Classic” car show. That will be an “All Hands on Deck” event for RVC members on September 13th.

Eagle Point High School “Skills USA” announced that 14 youths went to regional competition and all took metals. Four of those EPHS students are going forward to participate in the National Event.

Respectively submitted,

Jim Pack



PO BOX 1268

March 8, 2014
Black Bear Diner, Grants Pass

Meeting was called to order at 12:00 noon by President, Jim Pack
Members in attendance

Lori Hale

Joe & Evie Wall

Jim & Marilyn Pack

Gard & Norma Grove

Joe & Dianne Sheldon

Susan Martin

Tony Wiggins

Greg Danner

Dave & Linda Guches

Morris & Virginia Chamberlain

Steve & Vicki Mulder

Roderick Nunez

Bruce & Colleen Tozer

Ron & Diana Seering

Joe & Pat Gran

Don Hoskins

Rick & Robin Geagan

Rod McLeod

Bruce & Karen Archer

Kent & Barbara Colahan

Craig Westby

Introductions – Jim Pack

Jim introduced guests Ron Nickels, Gary and Jean Asher, along with Dennis Warrender and Evelyn Kisler.

Announcements – Jim Pack

Jim will continue to try and keep the social at meetings to 1/2 hour and the meetings to an hour.

Member identification cards will be passed out to those members in attendance today. The purpose will be for identification when we secure business discounts for RVC members. Currently, TC Chevy is offering a 10% discount on parts and service to our group. We will be working to secure additional discounts for RVC at other businesses.

Pat Puhl has volunteered to handle RVC clothing purchases. Pat and Roger brought new shirts to share with the membership. Jim modeled his long sleeve formal white button down collar shirt. We have a new order form if you are interested in ordering RVC clothing. The official RVC logo can be placed on your own clothing for $10.00.

Treasurer’s Report – Susan Martin

Beginning Balance $6,843.08


50/50 36.00
Membership dues 420.00
Auction Fall Classic 2013 125.00
Total deposits $ 581.00


Banner for Rod & Custom display $ 42.00
Trophy for Rogue Valley Street Rods 60.00
Printer Ink 39.95
2014 Fall Classic printing & mailing 132.85
Total Disbursements $ 274.80

Total Net Income $ 2,021.40

Ending Balance $ 7,149.28

Susan said that she is keeping track of Fall Classic activity, but it is not on our Quick Books accounting system yet. She is meeting in April with Toni Adams, CPA, for assistance in setting up the Fall Classic accounting. The balance in our 50/50 fund is $1175.75.

Approval of the February 2014 minutes

Jim asked for approval of the February minutes as posted on the web-site. The motion was made, seconded and approved.

National Corvette Museum – Tony Wiggins

Tony provided an update on the “sink hole” incident at the National Corvette Museum. As of yesterday, five Corvettes had been recovered. If you are going on the caravan, you can go on the chat room on the computer to check things out. Attendees will be on their own schedule for the return trip home from Bowling Green. Tony would like us to be thinking about ordering a banner again this year. Tony also went over the Go-Kart racing activity on 3/15 which he is hosting. Seventeen RVC members have signed up for the event and we will all be bringing our own lunches as we have a private room to ourselves.

Activities – Roger Puhl

Coos Bay Car show has been changed to August 22 thru 24
3/29 50/50 lunch at Angelo’s on Main Street in Medford . A vote was taken and approved for the use of the 50/50 funds for the meal which is limited to RVC members only.
4/05 North Valley High School Car Show benefiting Skills USA
4/12 Aaron’s Show & Shine – They will be interviewing RVC and giving away a trip to Disneyland. There will be a food truck at this event. Our sponsor is going all out for this event so we need to support him.
4/25-4/27 Kool April Nites – Redding
5/03 Eagle Point High School Car Show which benefits Skills USA
5/10 Vintage Car Show, Eagle Point. Potluck RVC meeting at Greg Danner’s home
5/17-5/18 Trip to Sacramento to the train museum. Six rooms have been reserved at $79.00 for a king size bed.

We will need to be watching for RVC emails on events going forward while the RVC web site is under construction.

Jim mentioned that Western States Corvettes is having their event in Medford for 2014 and Jim will try and get in touch with them to see if there is anything we can do to assist. Tony requested Jim to see if they can waive the $100.00 fee if we are involved in their events.

Old Business – Jim Pack

RVC Web Site is in the process of being constructed and we will have an up-date at our next meeting. The web site is being up-dated at not cost to us. We are definitely changing the face of our home page.

Linda Guches – We have the following old Fall Classic tee-shirts available for sale: 2 ea. women’s in medium and 11 extra-large. In the men’s sizes, we have 3 ea. medium, 2 ea. large, 14 ea. extra-large, 14 ea. 2x and 4 ea. 3x. If you are interested, email Dave and Linda Guches and they will bring to the next meeting. All FC2013 tee-shirts are $3.00 ea.

Greg Danner and Dave Guches Withdrew their request for a RVC by-law change regarding membership qualifications

New Business – Jim Pack

Angelo’s Pizza party utilizing 50/50 funds was voted on and approved by members today.

RVC 2014 balanced budget was previously emailed to all members. Jim briefly reviewed he budget and why we need to have a rainy day fund for our Fall Classic. Dennis Warrender mentioned that he belongs to two other car clubs and they have separate accounts for their car show. A vote was taken and approved by the membership to pass the proposed budget. It was recommended by Marilyn Pack that the Board of Trustees review what revenue was generated by the 2014 Fall Classic and make a recommendation to our membership on what should be donated and what should be held back for our rainy day fund.

Dave and Linda Guches performed the audit for 2013 and it was approved.

Tony Wiggins asked if the general membership could attend the Board of Trustees meetings and Jim said they were open.

Kent provided a new receipt form for donations for the silent auction and the raffle. Kent is going to bring up donations at every meeting. Kent recommended that every member come up with a nice donation for the car show and not wait until the last minute to provide them.

Marilyn has copies of the donation letter for the trophies and plaques. They will be the same price as last year. $50.00 will buy 4 plaques, and $100.00 will buy a trophy. Don’t be hesitant to ask business that you trade with to donate.

50/50 – Virginia Chamberlain

There was $107.00 generated today in the 50/50 raffle fund. Ron Nickels, guest, picked the winning ticket and Barbara Colahan won $53.50.

Sheet Drawing – Jim

Jim asked Don Hoskins to pick a number from 1 to 36. Number 13 was selected from the sign in sheet. Bruce Tozer won a folding lunch sack with our RVC logo on it which was donated by Jim Pack.

Next Meeting is April 12, 2014 at Twin Creeks in Central Point at 6:00 pm.

Motion to adjourn was made and seconded. Meeting ended at 2:00.

Respectfully Submitted,

Marilyn Pack, RVC Secretary

March 2014

President’s Letter MARCH 2014

RVC Membership

I am proud to announce that RVC now has 3 new C7’s in our organization. Tony & Diane Wiggins led the way with their purchase of a beautiful Cyber Gray coupe which they ordered from a photograph before the vehicle was introduced. Diane & Joe Sheldon followed with the purchase of a captivating Arctic White coupe from Airport Chevrolet. Dan Richards has just bought a stunning Arctic White convertible this week after spending the evening in the garage with libation saying goodbye to the award winning ’62. In addition, Dave & Linda Guches brought a beautiful 2012 Crystal Red “Grand Sport” back to the Rogue Valley from Utah a week ago.

I suggest that those RVC members planning to caravan to the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green this summer test for “sink holes” before parking. Sonic testing should be utilized prior to parking, however there may be additional parking in the building for 8 Corvettes. It appears Rogue Valley Corvettes will be well represented at this event, but please recover the RVC flag so the bidding war can commence upon your return home. A disaster flag should be worth more money in the auction.

The Kart-Hero Go-Kart race challenge held on March 15th, hosted by Tony Wiggins, was a great success and participants decided that this should be an annual winter event. As I predicted, somehow Morris Chamberlain took the RVC top track time and trophy away from Steve Mulder accomplished through suspicious timing practices. A full investigation may be warranted. Incidentally, Dennis Warrender took some track notoriety that was previously held by Jim Pack.

The new RVC website is in development and data / photos are being reviewed for transfer.


Jim Pack

Rogue Valley Corvettes


RVC Presents Scholarship to KCC

On January 7th, 2014, RVC President Jim Pack presented Dr. Steven Meneses a check for $2500.00.  Depending on the number of applicants to the program, the money will be used for one or possibly two students as scholarship money in the automotive/diesel program at Klamath Community College.  The selected students must maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA or higher and the money is spread out over each term for the students final year at KCC.  Each student will graduate from the school ASE certified and with a two year degree. The scholarship money can be used by the student for books or other required material such as tools.  Each student is required to purchase their own tools and the tools stay with them when they graduate.  As in past years, virtually all graduating students in this program leave the school with a job already waiting for them.  RVC will get an update each term on the students progress.

January 2014

Rogue-Valley-Corvettes-LogoRVC Membership,

Another exciting year of “Camaraderie – Corvettes – Community” is before us in 2014. Rogue Valley Corvettes was founded in January of 2006 and making memories together should always remain as one of our priorities. “Having fun in all that we do” will be our focus. Our 2012-2013 officers certainly deserve our sincere appreciation for their efforts and leadership. It was a job well done. There will be a great list of events forthcoming on our web site with Roger Puhl chairing that committee and assisted by Marilyn Pack. Rogue Valley Corvettes membership event ideas are always welcomed and should be forwarded to Roger and Marilyn.

RVC will be assisting Rogue Valley Street Rods in door monitoring at the Expo and Dan Richards will perform public address system duties for the Southern Oregon Rod & Custom Show to be held February 8th & 9th. We will display 3 Corvettes at that event which is estimated to draw 8,000 attendees. As in previous years, the Medford Cruise Association has asked RVC to provide cruise route security for the Medford Cruise on June 14th. Our valuable participation in the 2013 cruise event helped raise $22,000 donated to charities in Southern Oregon which included Skills-USA. A “President’s Mystery Tour” will be scheduled for 2014 so be ready for that event. RVC will also be represented in the National Corvette Caravan heading to Bowling Green, Kentucky, in August. The Fall Classic remains as our major revenue source and it will require “all hands on deck” for that event scheduled for September 13th.

We will be developing a new web site which will provide an updated view into Rogue Valley Corvettes as we strive to be the premier Corvette organization in the Pacific Northwest. Our current web site must be replaced due to support issues and its age. A new accounting system will also be in place in 2014 which will be simple to understand, yet provide more detail of income, expenditures, and account balances. The new system will assist in our development of the yearly budget as well as provide detailed “Fall Classic Car Show” financial records.


Jim Pack
President – 2014
Rogue Valley Corvettes

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