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2013 Fall Classic — A Huge Success!

A total team effort by our RVC members has put another Fall Classic in the history books. A big “Thank You” goes out to our members, TC Chevy, all our many sponsors, our vendors and the car enthusiasts that attended our show last Saturday. It all came together…once again…as a huge success! The feedback since the show from participants has been that our show is very relaxed, one of the friendliest shows in the area and fun for everyone.

And…Congratulations to all our trophy winners! Rogue Valley Corvettes picked “Best of Show” which was sponsored by Heritage Motors once again. Just ask Ron Semoni if a 1955 GMC Suburban can’t win a car show! That is one cool ride!

We made some changes this year that were well accepted. You never know how your decisions will be received until after the fact. Obviously, two of our changes this year made our car show better. Opening the event to all makes and models was a good thing for our show and may take a few more years for the general car show population to realize that we are no longer an all Chevy show. Also, our club decision this year to limit trophies and acknowledge everyone with beautiful plaques was very well received. Our club got many, many compliments on that decision. People were surprised and elated that they were acknowledged for participation in our show. After all…not everyone will go home with a beautiful trophy…but everyone will go home feeling good about their efforts and enthusiasm for the car or truck they love so much.

Being that it’s the 60th Anniversary of Corvette, our “Decades Display” was once again well received and interesting. Our club cars on display were beautiful and showed the diversity of Chevrolet’s designs and engineering improvements over the past 60 years. Corvette will always be one of those cars that catch your eye…and it doesn’t matter what C model you have…they’re all beautiful and have their own history. This attraction for Corvette will continue on when the new C7s start hitting the streets later this year. Just watch people point it out when they see one driving down the street. They will be surprised at the new design and be eager to see it up close. Isn’t that the way it’s always been and always will be? Even some Ford guys are impressed with the ageless designs and shear speed and acceleration of Corvettes. You know who they are! You just can’t wipe that grin off your face when you drive a Corvette!

Our car show was well attended this year. We had 115 registrations with only a few no shows. One lady sent in her registration with a check, then stated on the registration that she couldn’t come to the show and said please donate my check to “SkillsUSA”. How nice was that! There were 17 car clubs represented this year from Central California to the Portland, Oregon area. The Rogue Mustang and Classic Ford Club put on a “full court press” to show us that opening the show to FoMoCo (Ford Motor Company) and other car manufacturers was a good decision. We had participants this year from as far south as Oceano, California (630 miles from TC Chevy) and as far north as the Portland, Oregon area and Forest Grove (300 plus miles from TC Chevy). Our Fall Classic has participants coming from opposite ends of the West Coast and happy to do so…the spread is almost a 1,000 miles. The oldest car was a 1928 Ford Model A from Grants Pass. The newest car…I must imagine…was in the dreams of the people that listened to John Elegant’s 2014 Corvette C7 presentation in the TC Chevy showroom. (Thank you John for presenting the C7 tech talk)

The main reason for this car show is to help SkillsUSA.   SkillsUSA is a program to help high school students learn skills, compete for scholarships and advance to higher levels of education in varying fields. Their mission is: To empower its members to become world-class workers, leaders and responsible American citizens. This is only one program of many, but I can tell you that anything we can do to help the young people of our nation is a step in the right direction.

The other reason for having a car show is to have fun!!! Despite the warm weather…I think we accomplished that! Oh boy…did we accomplish that!!!

Rogue Valley Corvettes’ logo and mission is: Camaraderie, Corvettes, and Community. I think we’ve done a great job with that this year. What do you think?

Thanks to all our RVC members for making the 2013 8th Annual Fall Classic Car Show the best ever.

John Warren (and Sharon Warren)
2013 Fall Classic Chairman

RVC Waves Red, White and Blue at 4th Of July Parade

The 4th of July Parade in Central Point was a good time this year. RVC had 11 cars and really good “tough” members. It’s not easy to get up early to be ready to be lined up by 7:30 a.m. so you can wait around for a while; although that gives us a good opportunity for the “camaraderie” part of RVC.

There was no “flyover” by the jets this year but we did have a single plane up there going over many times to make us feel good about this holiday!

Being a participant in this parade is far more fun than watching. You are truly amazed that so many thousands of people come out and sit on the curb, just to see what’s happening. Personally, I enjoy and admire the watchers that go up and sit on their roofs! That view is probably way better.

Our cars were dressed in their festival finery and looked even better than a Corvette usually looks.

After we finished showing off our cars we went for a short cruise out through Sam’s Valley then via Rogue River Drive to Miguel’s on the river in Shady Cove. Ten more members and friends showed up to do what we do best…eat! It was a perfect day on the river with a cool breeze and the margaritas were…most refreshing.

RVC Enjoys Poker Run, Dinner and Vino at Serra Vineyards

A little heat didn’t deter this group. What a great turn out! A total of 34 of RVC’s members and their guests participated in the club’s first poker run & winery dinner, with most folks doing both.

We had a chance to socialize a little, while waiting for all to arrive for the beginning of the run.

The event began at Gard & Norma’s home then wound its way through the beautiful Applegate Valley. We passed through the communities of Applegate, Williams and Murphy, ending at Serra Vineyards. The winners of the poker run, Paul & Gioia, Tony & Diane and Werner & Terri, received gift certificates to local restaurants.

Upon our arrival at Serra Vineyards, we were treated to wine tasting with appetizers. That was followed by a great dinner. Due to the very hot weather, dinner was served in the barrel room which added lots of ambiance to the evening. The preparation of just about all of the items on the menu included wine, oil, vinegar or sauces produced by the folks at Serra Vineyards. Liz and her staff went out of their way to make us feel welcome. They commented that “tonight you are part of Serra’s family”. And it certainly is a delightful family.

All in all, it was a fun and relaxing evening.

Drive Your Corvette To Work … Uh, Lunch, With RVC 2013

Norma and Gard enjoy Drive Your Corvette to Lunch Day with RVC.

Every year, the Friday closest to June 30th (Corvette’s official birthday) is celebrated as “Drive Your Corvette To Work Day”. Each year, Rogue Valley Corvettes puts it’s special twist on the event since we like to go out to lunch more than we like to work!   This year we decorated the streets of Jacksonville with Corvettes of every color & met at La Fiesta for lunch. With 36 members and guests, we were close to running out of table space. As usual, the service, food and company were wonderful. After lunch, half of us cruised to Valley View Winery to watch the paragliders as we enjoyed the wine, sunshine, some of Mary’s best brownies. Until next year…

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