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November 2020

President’s Letter – November 2020


Hello everyone!!

I hope you are all healthy and safe…….I miss seeing your smiling faces!

What a year 2020 has been: Covid; devastating fires; choking smoke; etc.

I hope 2021 will be a little easier on all of us. Nobody knows for sure at this point, but it can’t get much worse can it………………..?

For 2021 we can’t make any plans at this time. I don’t anticipate restarting meetings or activities much before June, if then. It probably will hinge on getting a reliable vaccine by then.

We have decided to go ahead with dues collection because through all of this we still have to pay the bills. Depending on membership renewal, if we have left-over funds we might be able to pay for a lunch or dinner for members in the future. We’ve had a number of inquiries from potential new members and Cherie Provancha has responded to each of them detailing our current situation.

It’s November, so we need to start selecting 2021 officers. One suggestion we received from several members was to just roll-over 2020 officers to next year. If you agree that this is best way to go, please let Cherie or me know. If you would like to be an officer let us know that too.

The last business item I have is our Skills Program donation. We have $3,000.00 left to distribute, but it probably won’t happen until next school year. Most classes are being conducted remotely at this time, so our donation will have to wait. Also, we need to decide if we want to continue with the Klamath Falls portion of the program as we no longer have any Klamath Falls members. Let Cherie or I know your thoughts on this.

I sincerely hope you will all continue to support Rogue Valley Corvettes through these trying times. We are a great group of people, and we always have a lot of fun when we are able to get together, and that will be soon I hope. In the meantime, please stay safe and keep in touch!

Don Silva, RVC President

June 2020

President’s Letter – June 30, 2020

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all healthy and well.

This second quarter of 2020 has been unique to say the least. The Covid-19 virus has put a damper on most of the activities we normally do, with no end in sight!

It has been decided that we will cancel all indoor activities for the rest of the year. This includes indoor meetings, dinners, lunches, and our annual Christmas party. If this virus miraculously disappears, we can always re-evaluate this decision.

We have been able to schedule some outdoor activities starting this month. We had lunch and a ride to Galice Resort, a picnic at Galesville Reservoir, and the Kush’s annual “Drive Your Corvette to Lunch” event. Each outing had respectable turnouts.

For July, we have an outdoor meeting and B-B-Q at the Danner home, and a lunch ride to Brookings. If there is enough interest, we can probably put together some more rides/lunches that are outside. Let us know what you think, or if you have some suggestions, and we’ll try to put something on the “to do” list. I had to cancel our now annual lunch at Steamboat Inn on the Umpqua river due to lack of sign-ups, but I can reschedule it if there is enough interest.

I will try to keep everyone up to date if there are any changes or additions to the future schedule. Stay safe and healthy!!

Don Silva, President RVC



March 2020

President’s Letter – March 17, 2020

Hello RVC members and other interested folks!

The year of 2019 ended with a great gathering of our members at Rogue Regency Hotel for our annual Christmas party. A good time was had by all who attended.

2020 started off with a well-attended January meeting at Black Bear Diner in Medford followed by an equally well attended February meeting at Mac’s Diner in Shady Cove.

Then we went into a tail-spin with the announcement of the Corona-Virus (Covid-19), and we’re still in its grip. The March meeting was cancelled and last Friday was called off. We don’t have any idea at this time how long this threat will last. Information/Disinformation concerning the duration and severity of measures being put in place abound in the news coverage we’re receiving.

In light of all that’s going on right now, we are in a total holding pattern. All meetings and activities are suspended until further notice. I and the other Officers and Board members will try our best to keep you informed of RVC developments as they arise.

Stay safe out there, and be careful!!

Don Silva

 RVC President

July 2019

Presidents Letter July 2019

Hello Rogue Valley Corvette Club Members and friends.

Difficult to believe but the year is past its half waypoint. We can look back at a very active first half and look forward to many exciting things in store for the second half of the year.

Attendance for our regular club meetings has been fantastic with nearly 50 members joining up a number of times. We have tried to keep our meetings light hearted and brief as well as informative with Corvette news, past, present, and future.

Everyone is excited and anxious to view the new mid engine C8 premiering on July 18 in Los Angeles. Rumor has more than one member planning to step up to the new model.

One of our goals early in the year was to get individual members to “host” an event that was something that that member felt was special to them. Those events were definitely some of our best and most appreciated outings. We are hoping for even more of that type of participation in the future so new ideas are tried and enjoyed.

The first half had many highlights including several last Friday lunch events, Comedy Night dinner at Chadwicks, various winery trips, dinner at the Historic Prospect Hotel, road trips to Steamboat Inn and Howard Prairie Lake, multiple car show events, and one of the favorites, the Central Point 4th of July Parade.

Coming up will be a caravan to Sporthaven Marina in Brookings, a two-night caravan to Cascade Lakes Byway with stops at Sunriver, Bend, Crescent Lake, Eugene, and Kings Estate Winery. Another caravan to Mills Casino on the coast via Hwy 138 is planed for September. Don’t forget our club will be sending a contingent of cars along with the National Corvette Caravan to Bowling Green, Kentucky. Add to those plans are additional last Friday lunches, more winery trips, and our Christmas party at the Rogue Regency in December.

For those who have not already done so, go to our Facebook Page, “ Rogue Valley Corvette Club” then “like” the page so you can get reminders of upcoming events and photos of past activities. Please contact me if you are unfamiliar with the Facebook platform and have questions and/or concerns.

We want to welcome new members Rich and Anne Riddle of Talent and Bruce and Marilyn Jensen of Medford. Please introduce yourselves to them at the next event.

Remember to “Save the Wave”

John Doelger



January 2019

Presidents Letter January 2019

As the New Year is in full swing, Rogue Valley Corvettes is planning for an event filled year with a lot of opportunities to drive our favorite cars in the coming months.

We welcome a new Board of Directors, which include myself as President, Craig Westby as Vice President, Don Silva, Tony Wiggins, and Dave Hartin. Our slate of officers again includes myself, Craig Westby, as well as Donna Garo as Treasurer, and Sande Silva as Secretary.

Our new social committee includes Cheri Doelger as Chairperson, Beth Lama as Spokesperson, Cherie Provancha as membership liaison, Nita Hartin, and Bill Carpenter.

The social committee has been hard at work for the past month planning and scheduling over 40 events for the upcoming year. Just some of the events planned are as follows:

  • A two-day trip to Bend with a stop at the High Desert Museum and a road trip on The Cascades Lakes Scenic Byway and culminating with a drive to Eugene for an overnight stay and finally the next days return home a visit to Kings Estate Winery.
  • Two separate visits to the Oregon Coast with one of them including an overnight stay at the Mill Resort and Casino in North Bend.
  • A possible tour and overnight visit to Beale Air Force Base near Chico California
  • A Jet Boat Excursion.
  • Multiple Winery Trips and various restaurant visits
  • In August Tony Wiggins will lead a group of Rogue Valley Corvette Club members on the Quinquennial Corvette Museum Caravan to Bowling Green Kentucky along with hundreds if not thousands of other Corvette enthusiasts.
  • The above is just a small portion of our upcoming activities for 2019. You will not want to miss them.

Additional plans are for some changes to our website as well as more of an active Facebook Page presence to inform everyone of upcoming events as well as photos of past events.

Yes this will be a very busy year for the members of the Rogue Valley Corvette Club. Our club welcomes new members and all our friends to join in and celebrate driving our classic and new Corvettes.

John Doelger


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