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President’s Letter

January 2016

Rogue Valley Corvettes Membership

Here we are starting a new and exciting year. We have lots to think about and lots to do.

We have new members to meet and talk to. They always add excitement to the club.

We have a new venue in Jacksonville for the Fall Classic that’s very exciting.

In the history of Rogue Valley Corvettes, there have been three leaders that put in endless
time and effort to get the club where it is today. With these past leaders, and club
member’s help, I will continue to build on RVC’s legacy.

Thanks for your support.

Ron Seering, President
Rogue Valley Corvettes

December 2015

Rogue Valley Corvettes Membership,

The year is rapidly drawing to a close and it is no doubt appropriate to reflect on what
many RVC members participated in and the “Corvette Memories” that were made in

2015. A brief recap is as follows:

• Feb. 14-15 RVC assistance in the Southern Oregon Rod & Custom Show
• Apr. 23-25 Kool April Nites
• Apr. 29 Bella Fiore Winery
• May 2 EPHS Skills USA Car Show
• May 1,2,3 Corvette Racing at Laguna Seca
• May 16 NVHS Skills USA Car Show
• May 23 Southern Oregon Military Appreciation with RVC Corvette Display
• June 15-21 Medford Cruise Event
• June 26 Drive Your Corvette To Work (Lunch) Day
• July 6-12 Western States Corvette Council Convention held in Reno
• July 18 Drive to Crater Lake with guest Gary Cockriel, Public Relations & Development from the NCM
• July / Aug. RVC member’s successful efforts to save the Pack’s Cabin on Cow Creek from the Stouts Fire
• Aug. 7-8 Corvettes in the Park
• Aug. 21-22 Corvettes on the Bay
• Sept. 12 RVC Fall Classic Car Show 2015
• Oct. 1 Ashland High School Home Coming Bomb Threat Event
• Oct. 3 Harriman’s Springs Resort & Marina
• Oct. 16 North Medford High School Homecoming @ Spiegelberg Stadium
• Oct. 23 Rogue River High School Home Coming Parade
• Nov. 11 Veteran’s Day Parade in Medford escorting 3 ea. World War ll Veterans
• Dec. 5 Christmas Celebration @ Tap Rock
• In addition to the above great events, 12 RVC business meetings / socials were conducted.

As 2015 President, I want to express a sincere “Thank You” to the RVC team members who were responsible
for another successful year.

Kerry Provancha – Vice President
Dan Richards – Webmaster
Susan Martin – Treasurer
Joe Sheldon – Trustee
Jean Asher – Secretary
Greg Danner – Trustee

As we all know, behind every successful man is an awesome inspiring woman and that
woman in my life is Marilyn Pack. Rogue Valley Corvettes has been a fantastic journey
in our lives and “Hugs to all of you” as we continue making those “Corvette Memories”
together and building the greatest Corvette organization in the Pacific Northwest.

Jim Pack,
2015 President
Rogue Valley Corvettes

November 2015

Rogue Valley Corvettes Membership,

We are embarking on a new adventure for 2016 in moving the annual “Fall Classic Car
Show” to the City of Jacksonville in September. Jacksonville has been extremely
supportive of our desire to move our venue to their historic city and we look forward to
building a solid long lasting relationship with them. Imagine having show quality
vehicles on the grass, as opposed to hot asphalt, and participants having an option to set
up canopies. It’s unlikely that we will be limited in the near future as to the number of
car and truck entries we can accommodate. There will also be a “Beer Garden” available
for those seeking refreshments, if they so desire. RVC will not be involved, or liable,
with that separate presentation. Historic downtown Jacksonville is just a few blocks
away and it’s an easy walk. Hopefully, we can convince the local trolley car to operate
during our event. We anticipate that many Fall Classic participants will elect to patronize
Jacksonville’s many great businesses such as shopping, restaurants, and bed & breakfast

A notice to previous Fall Classic attendees and car clubs will be going out soon to “Save
the Date” in September. The Fall Classic continues to improve and grow in stature
among car and truck enthusiasts of all makes and models and it provides funds for our
contributions to youth charities in Southern Oregon. Thanks to all of you for your
support and participation in making the Fall Classic a premier event in Jackson County.

I often mention making Corvette memories with all of you who live the Corvette lifestyle
as our time together is precious. It really hit home for me 2 weeks ago as to the
importance of that endeavor. I’m not complaining about recent events as I have really
enjoyed a great life and somehow found the love of my life. With that said, try an 80
mile ambulance ride from the Cow Creek cabin to Asante Hospital in Medford after a
deer hunting collapse, a kidney stone attack 3 days later, and skin cancer rework all of
which occurred within 1 week. Many thanks to all of you for your concern on my
recovery and I’m now good as new. I was tagged the name “Old Jim” by my mother as I
arrived late at birth and she hadn’t picked out a name for me. I guess she picked the
appropriate name at this point in my life.

Have a great Thanksgiving and I love you all!

Jim Pack, President
Rogue Valley Corvettes

October 2015

Rogue Valley Corvettes Membership,

This message from your President is coming to you from a little log cabin nestled on Cow
Creek in the steep mountains of Douglas County courtesy of Hughes Net. At this
moment, the elk and black tail deer are safe in the valleys and mountain tops in Southern
Oregon. Morris Chamberlain, Tony Lama and I have encountered 27 elk and
innumerable amounts of deer. All that was needed for a successful hunt was “night
vision” and a willingness to serve jail time. We have climbed mountains so steep that we
suffered high altitude nose bleeds and witnessed views that rivaled satellite imageries.

We have decided that this annual hunt may require “Black Hawk” cable retrieval for bull
elk and perhaps search for a missing gray Wrangler.

Another big surprise at the Pack’s cabin was the appearance of 27 students and 2
supervisors, from the Phoenix School of Roseburg to clear a forest fire buffer line on the
South side of Cow Creek on our property. This was a result of a “Fire Wise Community”
request and an incredible job was performed by these “at risk” alternative high school
students at no charge to the property owner. I think I now have a 10 years supply of
firewood. We also had 2 Forest Service inspectors arrive and inspect the student’s work
which was described as excellent. I addressed the work crew on setting goals for their
future and thanked them all for their efforts. One young man stepped forward and
thanked me for allowing them to work at the cabin. Wow!! All is not lost on today’s
troubled, or abused, youth.

As a reminder, please return your ballots to confirm election of 2016 officers as well as
our vote on the two activities that were enclosed in the envelope. We expect to
announce really exciting news on the Fall Classic’s new location at our November 14th
meeting, pending the results of this election. I assure you that you will be impressed in
what has been recently negotiated for the location of this “historic” event. In anticipation
of an approval on the Fall Classic being an annual event, please come prepared to share
your thoughts on possible well deserving charities which would be funded by the Fall
Classic event. If any change in charities is to be considered, I would expect a
representative from that organization to address RVC at a future date.

Jim Pack
Rogue Valley Corvettes

September 2015

Rogue Valley Corvettes Membership,

The 10th annual “Fall Classic Car Show” held at TC Chevy in Ashland on September 12th
was another great success. The car shows participants turn-out was terrific as usual and
basically sold out. The compliments received by Rogue Valley Corvettes on the quality
of the show in its organization, raffle prizes, silent auction, 50/50 drawing, and trophies
were overwhelming. The statement of “we will be back next year” was repeated over and
over by those car enthusiasts in attendance. Several RVC members walked the vehicle
rows welcoming and thanking attendees for coming to our event. Skills USA students
distributed free ice cold bottled water on this very warm day. All show vehicles received
an exceptionally nice 7 generations Corvette plaque for their attendance. The 50/50
drawing raised approximately $1,300 dollars as the Dan Richards promotion efforts and
the RVC sound system were clearly effective. The 10th annual Fall Classic
commemorative tee-shirts were a sell out to the crowd, thanks to the great design by John
Warren along with Dave & Linda Guches selling efforts. Numerous compliments were
expressed by participants as to the friendliness of RVC and the smiles on our faces. Lora
Painter, reporter for Channel 12 television, conducted early morning live coverage and
interviews at the studio 2 days prior to the event and it was widely viewed. Five RVC
Corvettes were at Channel 12 at 4:00 AM for that news coverage. We also had an
excellent article written on Rogue Valley Corvettes by Cindy Wilson appear in the
Tempo section of Medford Tribune on September 11th. Cindy, a previous winner of the
RVC President’s award for her “67 Cougar, is a free lance writer.

The “Fall Classic” provides the travel funds for statewide / national competition and
scholarships for our charitable donations to “Skills USA” and “Klamath Community
College” programs. The success achieved by these programs for our youth and adults in
preparing them for college, or employment, in Southern Oregon is nothing short of
outstanding. John Warren’s leadership efforts in organizing the 2015 Fall Classic was
most commendable with perfect execution.

As an up-date to RVC participation in providing “Cruise Route Security” to the Medford
Cruise Association, $34,000 will be donated to youth organizations in Southern Oregon.
This generous donation is only possible through combined community efforts and Rogue
Valley Corvettes is a major player in that massive endeavor.

Our mission statement of “Camaraderie, Corvettes, and Community” is well served by
our many events and efforts in Southern Oregon and Northern California and my hope is
that we continue in this direction and we leave a legacy that we can be extremely proud
of. A special thank you to goes to all RVC members who participate in these charitable
events. Let’s continue in the process of making all those Corvette memories together!

Jim Pack, President
Rogue Valley Corvettes

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