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President’s Letter

December 2013

Happy Holidays!

It has been an honor serving as President of Rogue Valley Corvettes the past two years.

We have done great things and we’ve had much fun. There are young people whose lives have been forever changed because of your hard work and your generosity. Numerous charitable endeavors are better off today because of your participation. Your commitment to Camaraderie, Corvettes and Community has solidified your Corvette club as one of the premier organizations in our region.

At our Christmas Celebration, I was able to thank some of those who have helped me as President and your club in general, over the past two years. Being President of a car club is not difficult if you’re surrounded by good people. I was lucky – I had great people around me.

Dave Guches and Tony Wiggins were always there for me to count on. I can’t list all that they’ve done for RVC the last two years.

Thanks, too, to those who served on the Board of Trustees – to a member, they’ve always had the club’s best interest at heart.

John Warren did a masterful job with the Fall Classic. Thanks to him and to all of you who helped make our show one of the region’s best.

Virginia Chamberlain has done a great job as Treasurer. Norma Grove was an outstanding Secretary. Bob Reinke deserves a special ‘thank-you’ – for in the face of his greatest challenge, he continued to give me good counsel and support.

Also at our Christmas Celebration, I took the opportunity to award the first-ever Rogue Valley Corvettes Stingray Lifetime Achievement Award to Marilyn Pack. There is no one more deserving.

Marilyn has given more of her time and energy to your Corvette club than anyone has. RVC is the club it is today due in large part to Marilyn’s devotion to Camaraderie, Corvettes and Community. The crowd at the Christmas party gave her a standing ovation. If you weren’t there, take a moment and thank Marilyn for all she does for your club. RVC owes her.

My time as President is short. The Board of Trustees and I are wrapping up some business items and preparing the transition to new officers. A newly-retired Jim Pack will take over as President. Pat Puhl will serve as Vice President. Susan Martin takes over as Treasurer. And Marilyn and Sharon Warren will share the duties of Secretary.

All of you can – and should – have input on what activities RVC schedules in 2014. I would encourage you to take part in the activity planning process or, at the very least, get information to your officers about an event or activity you think we should consider. In the past two years our members have taken part in Corvette events from Portland to Monterey. Get involved in the process!

It was a shame that the weather so impacted our Christmas Celebration. For those of you who did not attend, you missed a nice meal in a beautiful setting, surrounded by friends. I hope you have another opportunity to celebrate the season with people you enjoy.

And I hope that each of you has a wonderful Christmas, and a happy and healthy New Year.

Lastly, RVC dues for 2014 are due in January. Renewal per couple is $60 – renewal for single memberships is $40. You can mail your dues to the club PO Box (PO Box 1268, Medford, OR 97501) or bring them to our yet-to-be scheduled January meeting.

Again, it was an honor serving as President of Rogue Valley Corvettes.

Dan Richards
Rogue Valley Corvettes

RVC Presidents Letter – APRIL 2012

Things happen – sometimes, for a reason.
For four years, Rogue Valley Corvettes has held its Annual Fall Classic All Chevy Show at Airport Chevrolet. They have been good partners. It has been a great location for our show.
A month ago we were informed that changes at the dealership dictated that we find a new home for the Fall Classic. It looked like ‘a situation’ – it was actually a break we hadn’t counted on. Continue reading

March 2012

As a former college basketball coach, I think teamwork is a thing of beauty.

At last month’s Southern Oregon Rod and Custom Show, Rogue Valley Corvettes showed as much teamwork as the great UCLA Dynasty teams of the ‘60s and ‘70s. Coach Wooden would have been proud.

The Rod and Custom Show is the region’s grandest indoor car event, and RVC’s drive-in theater-themed club display was a tremendous hit. Many of our club members teamed up to make it happen.

Morris and Virginia loaned us our theater ‘screen’ – whom else has a spare 65” TV? Dave Stickland’s Red Elk Enterprises paid for the black back-drop that gave us the dark-of-night look we needed. John Bucchino created speakers for each car that were outstanding. Car owners Lori Hale, Greg Danner, Kent and Barbara Colahan and the Bucchinos brought their cars to the event. And on the days we had to set-up and tear-down the display, we had almost more help than we needed. Besides the Bucchinos and Danner, we also had Ron Seering, Dave Guches, Morris and Stickland helping out.

We didn’t set any picks or trap at the wings, but it was a thing of beauty.

Our friends at Rogue Valley Street Rods appreciated our club display and all of our members who volunteered their time to assist with the show. RVC’s dedication to our Community shined brightly. I, for one, talked to hundreds of people who stopped by who were impressed not only with our cars and our display, but with our contributions to Skills USA.

To those of you who provided cars – thank-you. And to those of you who made the display possible – thank-you. And to those who volunteered your most precious resource – time – I thank-you, too.

Spring is in the air. Warmer temperatures and my sinuses prove that.

As the weather gets (hopefully) progressively better, let’s keep our eyes and ears open for windows of opportunity – chances for spur-of-the-moment Corvette cruises that can be pulled off with a few phone calls and emails. Anyone can initiate a spur-of-the-moment cruise. Anyone – even you.

On March 17th, RVC Events Czar Marilyn Pack will lead our band of merry Corvette enthusiasts to Wolf Creek for a lunch-run. I hope you and your Corvette will join us.


Dan Richards


Rogue Valley Corvettes

RVC Presidents Letter – February 2012

Dear Members,

The good folks at Webster’s Dictionary define ‘Camaraderie’ as, “A spirit of friendly good fellowship …” 
At Rogue Valley Corvettes, ‘Camaraderie’ defines us.
A cornerstone of the foundation that your club stands on, Camaraderie adorns our logo. The word is – literally and figuratively – sewn into the very fabric of RVC. 
After our January meeting in Grants Pass, I had the opportunity to visit with two guests who had attended the luncheon. The prospective members and I visited for some time about our club, our cars, our jobs and interests. It was when I asked them how they’d learned about RVC that I was most intrigued – and proud.
They had been driving their new Corvette through Medford one Sunday afternoon, as they passed by a fleet of 10 RVC Corvettes parked at local eatery. Interested in what they’d seen, the couple turned around to get a better look.
And a better look – at ‘Camaraderie’ – they got.
As the couple looked over the cars, they were approached by some RVC members who invited them inside. There, the couple met numerous members of our club and they saw first-hand the relationships we have with one another and how we approach other car enthusiasts. And they liked what they saw.
That Sunday afternoon won’t necessarily standout when the history of our club is written, and the couple may or may not ever join RVC. But what went on that day, with those two people, is exactly what should go on with our club every chance we get.
Greg Danner had organized the spur-of-the-moment lunch-run. Nine other RVC couples joined him and Susan Martin for lunch and a cruise to Applegate Lake. Those folks had their cars out. They were enjoying them. And they were enjoying the ‘spirit of friendly good fellowship’ when the parked Corvettes caught the eyes of the passers-by.
Not only were we out, enjoying our cars and each other – we reached out to some Corvette nuts we didn’t know. We invited them to join us. And we let them see us for who we are. That, my friends, is what will sustain our club for years to come.
February is a big month in our local car culture. The Southern Oregon Rod and Custom Show celebrates its 35th year the weekend of February 18-19 – and RVC is celebrating with them by having a Club Display at this years show.  
On the evening of the 18th, RVC members will gather at Medford’s Red Lobster for dinner. Come by the fairgrounds and see your club display and join us for dinner afterwards.
And let ‘Camaraderie’ continue to define us.
Dan Richards
Rogue Valley Corvettes
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