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February 2018

President’s Letter February 2018

We were very honored at our February 10th meeting by a special presentation to our Vietnam Veterans from Mike Whitfield from Rogue Valley Veterans and Community Outreach.  Mike presented “Quilts of Valor” and “Appreciation Certificates” to RVC members who were deployed to Vietnam during the war.  The recipients were Bruce Archer, Morris Chamberlain, Rick Geagan, Dave Guches, Bob Fleischman, Rod Rancik, and Paul Uhlenkott.  RVC was very proud to have these veterans stand before us and receive the recognition they so valiantly deserve.  Some of these individuals had never received a simple grateful “Thank You for Your Service” upon returning home from that war.

Matt Boren, Skills-USA advisor for Eagle Point High School, brought a former Skills student and his son who is now currently enrolled in the Skills Program to that same meeting.  Matt gave an excellent overview of his Skills program and the important role that RVC has played enabling his students to compete at Oregon and national competition events.  Eagle Point High School has done extremely well at these events and Matt Boren has been a driving force in preparing these students for their careers in the work place.  A special “Thank You” goes to Matt for his determination and leadership in assisting our Southern Oregon youth in their path of future successes.

I have always been proud of the caring nature of Rogue Valley Corvettes members for one another and the outpouring of concern for Linda Guches has been overwhelming.  Please keep both Linda and Dave in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time of her surgical recovery. 

RVC can once again be commended for our generosity in assisting in providing much needed items for approximately 50 homeless veterans in Southern Oregon.  The bags of hand-out items ranging from toiletries to socks, blankets and energy bars was very much appreciated by Mike Whitfield from RVVCO.  Snow has been falling in recent days and baby it’s cold outside.

Warm Regards

Jim Pack



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