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Happy Birthday Corvette

Happy Birthday Corvette

June 30, 2018 mark the 65th Birthday of the beloved Corvette.  Who would have thought that she, if human, would one day qualify for Medicare?  That first year only 300 vehicles were produced and all were white convertibles with red interior.

Rogue Valley Corvettes again celebrated this occasion by Driving our Corvettes to lunch in Jacksonville for the 13th year in a row.  This tradition was born the first year of our club’s existence.  Following our lunch at La Fiesta, we drove over to Daisy Creek Winery where we sat on their beautiful patio, talked, ate brownies, enjoyed the scenery including our Corvettes parked in the grass and tried some of their wonderful wines

The best part of the event is to be able to sit around and chat with so many friends – what a great group!

Now a burning question to all you car buffs:  Is there any American made car and model (continuous production) older than the Corvette?  Inquiring minds would like to know.

Mary Kush, Author

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