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John Elegant Shares Corvette News With RVC


2015 Corvette Production Totals

While, at first, it may seem that Corvette year over year production slowed down, with 34,240
units being made during the 2015 model year (MY), compared to the 37,283 Corvettes made
during the 2014 MY, that would be apples versus oranges, for during the 2014 MY, the production
of Corvettes took place over 13 months, (though, admittedly, the first few months were “slowed-
down, initial ramp up mode” due to the new C7’s coming online), yet 2015 production occurred in
only 10 months.  Bowling Green Assembly continues on asustained over time basis of 10 hours per
day, with occasional, additional Saturdays to try and keep up with new buyers wanting their C7.
It is not projected that the current overtime, 50+ hours per week basis, will be reduced in the near
future.   And, demand remains extremely strong, especially from new to Corvettes, first-time buyers.
The average age of the new Corvette buyers dropped from 61 years old just three model years ago, to
now 52 years of age, a welcome sign for the sustainability of the Corvette for the next many decades.

Some of the key 2015 stats include Arctic White being the most popular color, followed by Shark Gray,
Black and then Torch Red.  The least popular were Night Race Blue and Daytona Sunrise Orange, both,
with the same exact 1,417 sales, with the third least popular being Blade Silver.

Z-51’s account for 40% of all 2015 sales, with Z06’s accounting for 25% of all 2015 Corvettes sold, and the
track model subset, the Z07, being less than 10% of all sold.

Eight speed automatics (the only auto now), accounted for the traditional 2/3’s of all Corvettes sold.

Convertible sales diminished to less than the historical 1/3 of Corvette sales to just 19%, perhaps reflecting
thelove affair new C7 buyers are having with the coupe’s styling.

Corvette buyers’ enchantment with the black interior continued, with just over 50% buying it in one of its
variations, vinyl/leather, all leather, some suede, etc. Competition seats accounted for 12% of all sales.

And confirming, and in fact the accelerating recent trend, chrome wheels now accounted for less than 1/3 of
all 2015 Corvettes — a far cry from just three years ago when chrome wheels were over 60% of the last year
of C6 ‘Vettes.

More Confirmation of Mid-Engine Corvette

Separately, supporting what was in my report in the Spring, and what we talked about during our June club
meeting, I received a phone call a couple of nights ago, providing precise and exact information that the
mid-engined Corvette is coming fairly soon, and again, that it will not be replacing but augmenting the current
front-engined C7.  Also was told again that there will be no Grand Sport model during the C7 series.   Not
surprising, as we are expecting the new front-engined C7 replacement in 2020, and with the mid-engined
ZR1 ZORA coming as a 2018, there is little time for the small Corvette team of engineers to do much more.

New Bowling Green Assembly Plant Manager

The previous BGAP Manager, Jeff Lamarche, was recently promoted, and a couple of days ago, Kai Spande
was introduced as the new BGA Plant Manager to assembly plant employees. Kai comes to Corvettes with a
strong GM powertrain background. He headed up powertrain operations at GM’s Bay City, MI plant, and most
recently, headed up GM’s Europe powertrain operations. It is nicely fitting that the new Corvette Plant
Manager has powertrain experience!

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