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June 2016

Hello everyone …hope this quick note finds you all in good spirits and keeping cool !
It has been a hot one for sure the last few days and we’ve had some “hot events” that
started it all off  to being a “hot time” for RVC for the summer of 2016 !!

First off though, I would like to say, I’m a laid back kind of guy as many of you know.
I would also like to say that even being laid back a bit , I mean no disrespect in any way
to this office.  I value this club and the honor of being your current President.  Although
at times I don’t have much to say in the way of posting on here or writing the Presidents
Letter,  that in no way means I am trying to neglect my responsibility or the work that’s
been done in the past by others. I have been privileged to work closely with others in our
club endeavors and it has been great.  I appreciate it more then you know.  Our Vice
President, Kerry, has been invaluable to me, working together on club business quite
frequently on even the smallest of things for the club. I find too that with the input and
help of one’s spouse, at times, they can help “share” all of the duties that need to be done.
Connie and I are engaged to be married in the near future but she is unable to help due to
her medical condition and up coming surgery.  So, in my laid back way, even though it
seems my plate is a bit full at times, I’m just saying “Thank You” to those that continue to
help and support me, and have been patient with me in doing my duties for the club. I will
try to post something more frequently.

Now…onto the activities and events that were “hot times” for our club in the beginning of the
“Summer of 2016” !!

As you know, it has already hit 100* and above here in the Rogue Valley. One of our first
summer events was the North Valley Skills Car Show in Merlin. We had an incredible turn
out even though it did sprinkle more then just a tad bit!  I had the honor of representing RVC
at the scholarship banquet that followed in Eagle Point the first of June where Andrew
Downing, a Skills USA student, received the RVC’s scholarship and will be attending Western
Oregon University majoring in Psychology.

We have begun our Friday Food & Cruise with our first activity taking place at Yummy Yams in
Medford followed by Elmers In Grants Pass and most recently added to the list has been an
thoroughly enjoyable evening with over 20 RVC members at The Road House in Medford.  We
finished the evening out with a cruise out to Phil’s Frosty in Shady Cove. Our next Friday Food
& Cruise for July is still undecided but a big shout out to Dan for suggesting this kind of activity
for our club! Come on out to join the fun and get to know your fellow club members!

Six of our RVC members showed their cars at the Taste of Summer Street Fair in Jacksonville on
June 4th. Even though it was over 100* towards the end of the day, there was a great success and
the cars were awesome! There was a lunch time meeting during the Street Fair with the Chairman
of the Fall Classic, John Warren, at the Bella Union, informing everyone of the progress of the Fall
Classic and all that is being accomplished towards it being a great success,. We’ve had our first
“Fall Classic” meeting to start things rolling for the Fall Classic as well which will be held in
Jacksonville this year in September. It will be so nice as the cars will be parked on grass at the new
venue. We are ramping things up on our “selling mode” for the plaques, trophies and of course,
“donation mode” too for silent auction and raffle items.  The weather, we hope, will be just beautiful
for this event.  Here are some of the upcoming events and activities in June and the coming months.
The Pack’s Potluck & RVC meeting, Medford Cruise Show & Shine, Medford Security (RVC provides
the security for the cruise portion of the show), Drive Your Corvette to Lunch at La Fiesta and Cruise
of Klamath.  Sande Silva is managing our activities and doing an excellent job!  Thank you so much for
your tireless work on new ideas and activities Sande. You can copy the Events / Activities calendar
from the RVC website to keep these dates open to come on out and join the FUN!

A special thank you to Sharon Warren for assuming the duties of Secretary ,of the RVC Club as Jean
Asher has had to excuse herself from the duties of the office due to increased family responsibilities.
Jean has been an incredible Secretary for the club with her tireless efforts in taking the minutes of the
RVC Club meetings, transcribing them and sending them to me for approval before posting them on
our club website. Thank You Jean.

I would like to take a moment to send out my very heart felt prayer and condolences to Don Hoskins.
Julie was a terrific, warm-hearted lady who will be missed greatly by those that had the privilege of
knowing her and having her as a friend. My best wishes for you and your family that time may ease
the pain of her loss but that the memory her smile and her laughter will always be a reminder of how
unique she was. Just know that your “car club family” is always here for you and we look forward to
your return in the future to the club.

Congratulations to all of the Grandparents in our club who have Grandchildren graduating this month.
You have watched them “grow and go” as grandparents….you can be proud of them and we stand with
you in seeing each and every one of them succeed at what ever they strive to do for their future.
God Bless them all.

Ron Seering
Rogue Valley Corvettes
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