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Low Riding at Rogue Karting

Rogue Karting, Camaraderie and Lunch – April 21st.

Fourteen RVC members came out for some fun filled kart racing at the fabulous new Rogue Karting facility in Medford. All the racers signed up with track names. Six members decided to race. We had Tony Wiggins (Vfever), Art Peary (Artimusgordon), Don Silva (Bluevetted), Rod Rancik (Old Rod), Jim Pack (Packman), and Morris Chamberlain (Morris). The eight of us who did not race enjoyed watching and cheering our drivers to victory. After the first race, we all ordered lunch and ate in our very nice reserved private room with a view of the track. We all enjoyed our lunches along with the brownies that Marilyn brought to share. Now it was time for the second race. Morris and Jim sat out race number two. Race times were tallied and trophies were handed out. First place Morris (Morris), second place Tony Wiggins (Vfever), third place Jim Pack (Packman). What a great afternoon of camaraderie.

Written By
Marilyn Pack

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