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March 2016

Dear Members,

The luncheon at Yummy Yan’s was a great success on the 19th of March,
with about 20 members attending, along with a prospective new member
joining us, Joanne Thickett. Good job, Marilyn, for arranging this gathering!
I would have liked to have been there, but prior commitments prevented
my attendance. Marilyn would much appreciate someone helping her with
activities while Susan continues to recover from her recent surgery. Please
contact her if anyone is interested, as she is also handling the Fall Classic
registrations, which will become much more time-consuming as the months
go by.

We hope that more of you will find the time to attend the April meeting in
Grants Pass at Black Bear Diner on the 9th – don’t let tax time steal away a
fun day with your Corvette friends!

Spring is always a busy time for me at the Park, with maintenance and
residential concerns keeping me occupied (we have over 100 residents
there now). Please don’t hesitate to call me, however, with any club
concerns that may arise!

For those members who would like to attend the Memorial service for Julie
Hoskins planned on May 31st at Red Lily winery from 2:00-5:00 pm, we
encourage you to attend with your Corvette to show our club support for
Don and his family.

Happy Easter to all of you….Ron “Save the Wave!” Seering

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