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May 2014


RVC Membership,

Our recent loss of Bob Reinke to cancer is a sober realization of our mortality and the importance of living every day to the fullest.  A number of us have faced this dreaded disease and it is a life changer even when you are able to win the battle.  I was deeply touched by the request from the family that any donations be sent to Rogue Valley Corvettes for forwarding to the “Skills USA” program.  That request is an example of the character of Bob Reinke and his dedication to principals in which he believed.  A number of Rogue Valley Corvettes members sat with Bob through his chemo treatments and he expressed his love for our organization and the direction that he felt we should pursue within RVC.  I truly admired Bob for his courage in knowingly facing his difficult battle.  Those of us who vacationed with Bob and Debby in Alaska last year were truly amazed at his toughness and we will cherish those many memories of knowing him.  I would ask all of you to keep Debby Reinke in your hearts and prayers during these difficult times.

I am pleased to announce I have seen the new website and I believe it is something we can be proud of for many years to come.  A special “Thank You” goes to Dan Richards for making the new website a reality and to all who contributed in this endeavor.  I also wish to express my gratitude to all of our membership who were patient during this development process because our schedule of events and trip details are tied very closely to the RVC website.  We will review access procedures to the new site with all RVC membership once the switchover button is pushed.  We had an unbelievable amount of photos in our gallery that required review.  Marilyn Pack personally looked at over 4,600 photos that were present.  I would ask that only pertinent quality photos be submitted and identified as to the date and event for entry into the gallery.   I’m sure you will like what you see in the RVC website when it is released.

I would like to encourage all of our members to attend events of interest at this years Medford Cruise as it will again be a week long event.  The Skills USA students will be active at the “Drift Event” and the “Cobra” time trials event with passenger rides is breath taking.  Event dates and times are on

Respectively submitted

Jim Pack

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