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Ashland Homecoming Parade/ 2017 Homecoming Finale

10 Rogue Valley Corvettes and two guests Corvettes came out on a beautiful sunny day in Ashland to haul the large senior court for their Homecoming parade.  Thirteen RVC Corvette members and two guests come out for this event.  Lunch at Debbie’s Diner was yummy and member Jerry Weaver, stopped by to have lunch with us and make sure we had enough coverage for the event.  We headed for Ashland High School, where the cars received banners & male and female court members.  The parade lasted about a half hour.

A big thanks you to all members and guests that attended all four Homecomings and two parades.  You are all the best.

Marilyn Pack, Author



North Medford Homecoming and Tailgate

Rogue Valley Corvettes provided 10 cars for North Medford’s Homecoming event.  Seventeen members and four guests attended this event.  It was great to have 4 potential members join us for this event.  Hamburgers and Hot Dogs were barbecued by member Steve Schroeder and all the trimmings were provided.  The fire pit was very popular with temperatures that were down in the 40’s.  We lucked out and did not get any rain.  Member Roger Puhl was in the forefront of the event, helping to get tailgate items hauled to Speigleberg Stadium and getting them set up.  RVC hauled cheer leaders and princesses during the Homecoming halftime.   The evening was a great success.

Marilyn Pack, Author

RVC Scores At Homecomings

Rogue Valley Corvettes steps up for three Homecomings in one evening

Rogue Valley Corvettes was happy to kick off the Football Homecoming season by attending the Phoenix Homecoming parade on October 4, 2017.  Members Rod McLeod, Blair Grinols, Tony Wiggins, Jim & Marilyn Pack and Morris & Virginia Chamberlain attended.  Marilyn & Virginia watched the parade while the cars carried the princesses.  It was great to see their community come out to watch the parade.   On October 6, 2017, members Pat Bryan, Robert Wasner, Bruce Archer, Steve & Vicki Mulder, Blair & Joan Grinols, Jim & Marilyn Pack and Roger Puhl came out to Phoenix High School to support their Homecoming court at halftime.  Roger brought lots of deserts to share with members and students.  The students were very excited about the Corvettes coming to their school and members received many thanks for coming.

At South Medford High School on October 6, 2017, members Dave Renfroe, John Warren,  Don Hoskins, Werner Kraatz, Dave Hartin, Tony Lama and guest Dennis Schneider carried the Homecoming at half time.   

Several Rogue Valley Corvettes members came out in force on October 6, 2017.   Members Morris & Virginia Chamberlain, Tony & Diane Wiggins, Dave & Linda Guches, Dan & Cyndi Richards, Steve Vedder and Guests Oliver & Amanda started at 4:00 and headed for Mac’s diner for dinner, then proceeded to Prospect Charter High School to carry the homecoming court at halftime.   It was a great success.

All three homecomings were a great success.  I would say Rogue Valley Corvettes made a touchdown by covering all three schools in the same evening.


Written by:

Marilyn Pack

12th Annual Fall Classic Chairman Letter

12th Annual Fall Classic

 Well, we did it again!  Rogue Valley Corvettes had another fantastic Fall Classic Car Show at Bigham Knoll in historic Jacksonville thanks to all our members.  This was our second year at Bigham Knoll and trust me, it went much more smoothly than the first year.  Why?  We didn’t have a photographer holding up the cars for 30-45 seconds as they came on to the athletic field this year.  Some of the best ideas just don’t work out so well!  No traffic jam!  We did have lots of pictures taken during the day thanks to our club member photographers.   This year the traffic coming into our car show flowed smoothly and was very organized. Thank you Kent Colahan and his team.  Job well done!!!  After the cars were parked on the field, our participants came to the registration desk and that was also well planned and orderly.  All our participants were given their prearranged packets and beautiful plaques.  Thanks goes out to Marilyn Pack and her team for such a great job getting everyone registered at the show.  How about those trophies!  Tony Wiggins once again did a fantastic job organizing the sponsor’s plaques and winner’s trophies.  And, how about our “Master to Ceremonies” talking all day without a break promoting the event?  Thank you so much Dan Richards!  Thanks to all the committee leaders and their teams.  We so appreciate the time and effort that goes with this responsibility.  Great job done by all in the RVC!

 The other half of the equation is how did our car show participants feel about the show.  I’m happy to tell you once again that our participants consistently say that we have one of the best shows in southern Oregon.  And, why is that?  We are extremely friendly to our car show participants.  Our car show is just  about the right size regarding the number of cars so everyone can visit and enjoy viewing the show cars.  Our silent auction and raffle prizes consistently get viewed as “over the top”!  Some participants say, “How do you get such incredible gifts?” and I say, our members care about the quality of our car show and they care that you win quality prizes.  Everyone seems to be happy about what they go home with.  And, I should mention that everyone goes home with a beautiful plaque thanking them for their attendance of a fun filled event.

 This year did not go without some challenges.  The forest fires and smoke in southern Oregon restricted our car show attendance.  I had limited the car show to 200 cars this year based on the overwhelming attendance last year.  I received some phone calls the week before the show from people close to the coast saying that they wanted to come to our show, but were possibly on the verge of evacuation due to the fires.  Our hearts and prayers went out to those folks.   With all of that in mind, we expected lower attendance and purchased hundreds of masks due to the smoke that we were going to give away at the car show as a community service.   The valley was totally filled with smoke and two days before our car show, we had rain and it mostly cleared the skies.  Can you believe it and the weather was great! 

 A couple of days before our car show, I was called by Channel 10 to promote our car show and it was all hands on deck.  By the following morning Jim Pack had six beautiful Corvettes at the TV station before the sun came up and we were on TV through out the day promoting the Fall Classic.  More team spirit comes through for Rogue Valley Corvettes and our community.  Thank you Jim!

 I also want to say thanks to the City of Jacksonville, the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce and Bigham Knoll for allowing us to have a wonderful event in their community.  They are gracious and inviting.  We have our car show on a very busy weekend when there is a citywide yard sale in Jacksonville and somehow is seems to flow seamlessly.

 Additionally, TC Chevy, our past main sponsor and still a primary sponsor brought a brand new C7 convertible Grand Sport Corvette and a booth from their parts department to help promote our show.  A hearty “Thank You” to Derek, Ralph and Jody.  We have so appreciated your support over the years!  And thanks to all our other sponsors that come out the day of our show and promoted their products.

 Lastly, I want to say how proud I am of Rogue Valley Corvettes members and all our current and past Fall Classic Car Show participants for contributing to the SkillsUSA program.  Our children are our future.

Sincerely, it’s been a joy to be part of the Fall Classic.  Thanks to all for supporting SkillsUSA.

 John Warren

Rogue Valley Corvettes

Fall Classic Chairman

2017 Fall Classic

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