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Drive Your Corvette To Work … Uh, Lunch, With RVC 2013

Norma and Gard enjoy Drive Your Corvette to Lunch Day with RVC.

Every year, the Friday closest to June 30th (Corvette’s official birthday) is celebrated as “Drive Your Corvette To Work Day”. Each year, Rogue Valley Corvettes puts it’s special twist on the event since we like to go out to lunch more than we like to work!   This year we decorated the streets of Jacksonville with Corvettes of every color & met at La Fiesta for lunch. With 36 members and guests, we were close to running out of table space. As usual, the service, food and company were wonderful. After lunch, half of us cruised to Valley View Winery to watch the paragliders as we enjoyed the wine, sunshine, some of Mary’s best brownies. Until next year…

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