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July 2018

President’s Letter July 2018

The high temperatures, smoke, and fires in Southern Oregon and Northern California are unbelievable at this time.  What is believable is the performance of those C7’s and especially the hot fire breathing Z06 Corvettes.  RVC has a number of those “hot items” to enjoy.  Those RVC members who recently attended the two day trip to Gold Beach for the Jet Boat ride up the Rogue River enjoyed refreshing cool temperatures and a few wet t-shirts.  Please keep Joe & Evie Wall along with John & Sharon Warren in your thoughts as fires are extremely close to their homes.  The Pack’s cabin on Cow Creek is currently safe, but smoke and road closures are nearby.

The 13th annual Fall Classic Car Show remains on track for September 8th.  We encountered many great show cars at the “Back to the Fifties” car show in Grants Pass where we extended invitations to FC2018.  The responses we received were very positive for attending our event.  Hopefully we won’t need smoke face masks in September for the Fall Classic.  We need raffle items and baskets for our show and car related items are always popular.  There will be lots of Meguiar’s products as well forthcoming.  Once again RVC will be providing ice cold bottled water for attendees and we are expecting local TV coverage as well.  Skills-USA students and advisors will have a bigger presence this year.

Rod McLeod & Cathy Fultineer will be hosting our August 11th RVC meeting in their unbelievable home overlooking the Rogue Valley, so don’t miss this potluck event.  That swimming pool and diving board is looking better by the moment.  I think Rod may have a new Corvette planned for the future as does Dave Guches.  Those Z06’s can have strong influence over a man’s sound reasoning and judgment, but what beauties can compare? I think a ZR1 might be in the future for another unnamed RVC member as well.

I again wish to encourage all RVC members to greet new members as well as wear your name badges at meetings and events.  It’s not easy to remember a group of names by new members and some of us have difficulty remembering our own name when enjoying a few libations with one another.  The new RVC apparel can have your name printed on your shirt and you can read it if it’s printed upside down and backwards

Jim Pack


4th of July Parade

Rogue Valley Corvettes was well represented at the 4th of July Parade in Central Point.

In fact, Bill Christie was elected Grand Marshall because of his many contributions to the parade in the past.  Congratulations, Bill!

Morris & Virginia won first place for their car decorations, Rod McLeod won second place, and Tony Wiggins won third.
Other members who drove their Corvettes were Blair, Rod & Ellen, Don & Sande, Kerry & Cherie, Bob & Mary, and Don & Nan.  Rod Mcleod had his father-in-law, a World War II veteran, sitting on the back and everyone in the audience clapped and whistled as he drove by.  There were thousands of people who watched the parade.  It was a great time, good weather, and a super crowd.
Sande Silva

Social Director


Happy Birthday Corvette

Happy Birthday Corvette

June 30, 2018 mark the 65th Birthday of the beloved Corvette.  Who would have thought that she, if human, would one day qualify for Medicare?  That first year only 300 vehicles were produced and all were white convertibles with red interior.

Rogue Valley Corvettes again celebrated this occasion by Driving our Corvettes to lunch in Jacksonville for the 13th year in a row.  This tradition was born the first year of our club’s existence.  Following our lunch at La Fiesta, we drove over to Daisy Creek Winery where we sat on their beautiful patio, talked, ate brownies, enjoyed the scenery including our Corvettes parked in the grass and tried some of their wonderful wines

The best part of the event is to be able to sit around and chat with so many friends – what a great group!

Now a burning question to all you car buffs:  Is there any American made car and model (continuous production) older than the Corvette?  Inquiring minds would like to know.

Mary Kush, Author

June 2018

President’s Letter  June 2018

I wish to thank the following Rogue Valley Corvettes members for stepping forward to distribute RVC “Fall Classic” literature/registrations at recent car show events:  Roger Puhl, Tony Wiggins, Morris Chamberlain, Dave Guches, and Karen McQueen.  Tony Wiggins and John Warren have also done a great job in promoting trophy and plaque sales for the Fall Classic on September 8th at Bigham Knoll Campus in Jacksonville, but they need your assistance as well.  There have been many positive comments received in the distribution of our flyers and trophy sales efforts regarding the outstanding job RVC does in presenting this car show and our efforts to assist Skills-USA as well as the Klamath Community College Automotive & Diesel Mechanics programs.  RVC take great pride in assisting these vocational programs for our Southern Oregon youth and we presented $9,000 in scholarship funds to these schools from last years Fall Classic.  We expect local TV Channels 10 & 12 to attend Fall Classic 2018 for coverage and interviews as well.  Your RVC Board of Trustees have met many times in recent months to insure a successful event and great appreciation goes to John Warren, Tony Wiggins, and Marilyn Pack for their invaluable assistance and extraordinary efforts.

I would like to welcome Bill & Brenda Carpenter as our newest members to the RVC family.  In addition, Cal & Donna Garo are expected to be joining RVC in the near future with their beautiful 2003 C5 Anniversary Coupe.  Cal has spent the last 27 years in coaching kids in football, track & field, and baseball.  He has spent thousands of hours in that endeavor and he’s anxious to be a part of Rogue Valley Corvettes.

The RVC calendar is loaded with events that you don’t want to miss which include Drive your Corvette to Lunch, Day-trip to Sporthaven Marina, and the 4th of July Parade in Central Point.  The activities list goes on and on so let’s continue to make those “Corvette Memories” together with these fun filled events.  The July 14th RVC meeting is really special as John & Sharon open up their fabulous home to RVC members and we have a very informative presentation by Meguiar’s Products Senior Area Sales Manager, Terry Richards, on Corvette detailing scheduled for that meeting.

Jim Pack


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