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RVC Presidents Letter – February 2012

Dear Members,

The good folks at Webster’s Dictionary define ‘Camaraderie’ as, “A spirit of friendly good fellowship …” 
At Rogue Valley Corvettes, ‘Camaraderie’ defines us.
A cornerstone of the foundation that your club stands on, Camaraderie adorns our logo. The word is – literally and figuratively – sewn into the very fabric of RVC. 
After our January meeting in Grants Pass, I had the opportunity to visit with two guests who had attended the luncheon. The prospective members and I visited for some time about our club, our cars, our jobs and interests. It was when I asked them how they’d learned about RVC that I was most intrigued – and proud.
They had been driving their new Corvette through Medford one Sunday afternoon, as they passed by a fleet of 10 RVC Corvettes parked at local eatery. Interested in what they’d seen, the couple turned around to get a better look.
And a better look – at ‘Camaraderie’ – they got.
As the couple looked over the cars, they were approached by some RVC members who invited them inside. There, the couple met numerous members of our club and they saw first-hand the relationships we have with one another and how we approach other car enthusiasts. And they liked what they saw.
That Sunday afternoon won’t necessarily standout when the history of our club is written, and the couple may or may not ever join RVC. But what went on that day, with those two people, is exactly what should go on with our club every chance we get.
Greg Danner had organized the spur-of-the-moment lunch-run. Nine other RVC couples joined him and Susan Martin for lunch and a cruise to Applegate Lake. Those folks had their cars out. They were enjoying them. And they were enjoying the ‘spirit of friendly good fellowship’ when the parked Corvettes caught the eyes of the passers-by.
Not only were we out, enjoying our cars and each other – we reached out to some Corvette nuts we didn’t know. We invited them to join us. And we let them see us for who we are. That, my friends, is what will sustain our club for years to come.
February is a big month in our local car culture. The Southern Oregon Rod and Custom Show celebrates its 35th year the weekend of February 18-19 – and RVC is celebrating with them by having a Club Display at this years show.  
On the evening of the 18th, RVC members will gather at Medford’s Red Lobster for dinner. Come by the fairgrounds and see your club display and join us for dinner afterwards.
And let ‘Camaraderie’ continue to define us.
Dan Richards
Rogue Valley Corvettes

Presidents Letter – January 1, 2012

Dear Members,

It is an honor to address you as President of Rogue Valley Corvettes.
In six quick years, Rogue Valley Corvettes has established itself as one of the premier organizations in Southern Oregon’s car culture – due in large part to those who have served before me. 
Mary Kush and Jim Pack have given RVC great leadership since our inception. Though Mary and Jim have different leadership styles, each has played an invaluable role for RVC. They, and the officers who served with them – Bob Cambas, Candy Christie, Colleen Tozer, Diane Sheldon, Donalyn Cambas, Sharon Warren, Debbie Reinke, Colin Carnegie, Terri Kraatz, Helen Jacobson, Ron Seering and Marilyn Pack – have pointed our club in a tremendous direction.
Bob Reinke, Virginia Chamberlain and Norma Grove volunteered to run, and have been elected, as RVC officers for 2012. I appreciate their willingness to serve RVC and I look forward to working with them this year.
All of us as RVC Members owe our past and present officers a debt of gratitude. I’ll use this platform to officially say “Thank-you!”
2012 should be RVC’s best year ever. We should strive to improve on what we do – strive to have more fun, drive more miles, make more friendships in and out of our club, and do all we can to make even more of a difference in our communities.
I have been so very impressed with RVC’s willingness to ‘give’. The Fall Classic, of course, is our most public and prominent ‘charitable event’ – but we do so much more than that.
In the last year, we not only raised thousands of dollars for Skills USA at the Fall Classic All Chevy Show, we donated over 100 coats to Coats for Kids. We donated 250 pounds of food to ACCESS. We gave to Toys for Tots. And we very generously passed that hat when the Skills USA students needed more money for travel expenses.
We give – a lot. And it feels good. It proves RVC’s commitment to ‘Community’ all year long.
As hard as we work at making a difference in our community, we need to work even harder at having fun. That’s why Rogue Valley Corvettes exists – it’s where a bunch of like-minded Corvette enthusiasts come together to share the ‘Corvette experience’, the ‘Corvette lifestyle’. It’s the ‘Camaraderie’ we reference so often.
Camaraderie – with our members and with car enthusiasts we meet along our way – is the lifeblood of RVC. We need to do everything we can to foster and grow it among ourselves and those we come into contact with as a club. It will define us.
We drive the coolest cars on the planet. The Corvette is the common denominator that has brought us all together. Each of us has a ‘Corvette story’ – a ‘Corvette Confession’, if you will – to give. I want us to share those Corvette stories with one another. I want our entire club to know how it is that you became a Corvette enthusiast.
At our January meeting in Grants Pass, you will hear more than one Corvette Confession. I hope you will consider sharing your story with us.
Lastly, I ask that each of you consider giving as much to the club as you take. 
If you’ve ever enjoyed an RVC event, consider hosting one. If you’ve had fun in a caravan of Corvettes heading to the coast, think about leading one to the mountains. Volunteer for a committee. Host a party in your garage. Initiate a spur-of-the-moment run for ice cream. Find a way for us to make more of an impact in our communities. And do whatever you can to make new members feel welcome.
It’s your club. Make a difference.
Happy New Year!
Dan Richards
Rogue Valley Corvettes

33 Attend First-Ever RVC Social/Business Meeting

33 Corvette enthusiasts from the Rogue Valley and beyond came together April 22 for the first-ever RVC Social/Business Meeting at Elmer’s in Medford. “We couldn’t have had a better turnout or more enthusiasm — it was great,” said RVC President Mary Kush….

Jim and Sherry Dalziel, the first people outside of the charter group to join RVC, came all the way from Arcata, CA. to be at the inaugural meeting.  “We couldn’t miss being at the first meeting,” said Sherry.  “We’re not sure how many RVC meetings and events we’ll make, but we had to be here for this.  We’re very excited about the new club.”

The Dalziels and their 2004 black convertible weren’t the only new members by the end of the night — John and Mary Jo Bucchino (Grants Pass/’65 red coupe), Steve Hunter and Madelon Cahill (Eagle Point/’00 red convertible), John and Darlene Koughan (Grants Pass/’04 silver coupe), Paul and Gioia Uhlenkott (Grants Pass/’02 black coupe), and Larry and Andrea Tupper (Grants Pass/’72 gold coupe) all joined RVC by evening’s end.

Other attendees included Morey and Lori Hale, Scott and JoAnn Lloyd, Craig and Merry Reeves, Bruce and Colleen Tozer, and Diane Westby.

The evening began with an informal social half-hour, followed by good food and tremendous service by the Elmer’s staff.  After dinner, President Kush and other RVC Charter Members introduced the club to the crowd.

Charter Members, new members and attendees topped off the night with a white cake with strawberry filling made by Ruby Howard. The cake, which was an exact replica of the RVC logo, was a hit.  “That cake was beautiful and very, very good,” said Charter Member Terri Kraatz. “Ruby did a great job!”

RVC’s first meeting was exciting, enthusiastic and successful. And everyone there had their cake — and ate it, too.

A Club Is Born — January 2006

Rogue Valley Corvettes — it has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

In early January of this year, a group Corvette enthusiasts came together to form what would become Rogue Valley Corvettes, Inc.  It didn’t happen overnight.  Or without debate.  And not without a tremendous amount of work by a number of people….

Starting a Corvette club from scratch — and doing it right — is tough, don’t let anyone fool you.  There are forms to be filled out.  Decisions to be made.  Arguments to have. And more forms to complete.  There are constitutions to be written and by-laws to be agreed upon.  And more forms to be filled out — and then filed.  With the state. And the feds.

We had to come up with a name for our new club.  That only took us about a week. Next, we needed a domain name for our website.  There went another week.  It wasn’t that we couldn’t agree on names or decisions — that wasn’t it at all.  We’d have a meeting, tackle some issue, come to a decision and then go home.  Then — usually one by one — we’d think about what we’d done and come to the conclusion that we could do it better.  So we’d go back to drawing board.

We designed a logo, stationary, and business cards, too.  We picked out shirts and looked at hats and jackets.  We debated — I can’t tell you how many times — over what dues should be to join RVC.  We talked about image and perception. About how meetings should be held.  We discussed what kinds of events we want to participate in.  We talked about places we want to go — about how we should drive on our way there. And how we should act once we arrive. I think you’ll like what we came up with.

Rogue Valley Corvettes is not a rebuilt or restored old Corvette club.  It’s new — brand new.  Ordered from the factory and delivered at the museum new. This is a C6 with paddle-shift and plastic still on the seats new. Take a whiff — we still have that new car smell.

RVC is not only new, it’s different as well. Take our term-limits for officers, for example — you won’t see the same people year in and year out making decisions that impact the club or holding its purse strings. Or, how about our commitment to the communities of Southern Oregon? It’s right there on our logo — you can’t miss it.  We will be involved in our communities and we will give back to those communities whenever we can. And how about our Ambassador Program. Every Corvette club on the planet strives for camaraderie among its members — we’re super-charging the camaraderie-thing by entering into ambassadorships with Corvette clubs across our region.  Our relationship with these clubs will be unique.

This was my first — and hopefully only — time being involved on the ground floor of a car club. I believe we have built a foundation that will stand the test of time. I think we have set a course which, if maintained, will lead RVC down a successful, fun, and fulfilling path for its members.

Colin Carnegie, Bill and Candy Christie, Werner and Terri Kraatz, Bob and Mary Kush, Jim and Marilyn Pack, Dave Stickland and I — the Charter Members of RVC — share a passion for the Corvette.  That passion pumps through the veins of RVC.  And it will always.

We look forward to sharing the Corvette Passion with every RVC member. We look forward to sharing it with you.

RVC is that new C6 paddle-shift, plastic still on the seats, ordered from the factory and delivered at the museum beauty — take us for a spin.

You’re gonna like us.

RVC’s First Officers Elected

The inaugural team of elected officers is in place to lead Rogue Valley Corvettes through what is sure to be an exciting first year.

President Mary Kush, Vice President Jim Pack and Treasurer Colin Carnegie will lead RVC. Also on the governing team is Secretary Candy Christie and Activities Chair Marilyn Pack.

Charter Member Dave Stickland is heading up RVC’s Ambassador Program, as well as acting as coordinator of RVC apparel and merchandising. Colin Carnegie and Dan Richards are working on RVC’s website. Terri Kraatz is assisting as an editor.

Kush, Pack and Richards are the first members of the RVC Board of Trustees. Two additional trustees will be added from the membership ranks.

Additional volunteers will be needed as this first year gets under way.

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