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November 2020

President’s Letter – November 2020


Hello everyone!!

I hope you are all healthy and safe…….I miss seeing your smiling faces!

What a year 2020 has been: Covid; devastating fires; choking smoke; etc.

I hope 2021 will be a little easier on all of us. Nobody knows for sure at this point, but it can’t get much worse can it………………..?

For 2021 we can’t make any plans at this time. I don’t anticipate restarting meetings or activities much before June, if then. It probably will hinge on getting a reliable vaccine by then.

We have decided to go ahead with dues collection because through all of this we still have to pay the bills. Depending on membership renewal, if we have left-over funds we might be able to pay for a lunch or dinner for members in the future. We’ve had a number of inquiries from potential new members and Cherie Provancha has responded to each of them detailing our current situation.

It’s November, so we need to start selecting 2021 officers. One suggestion we received from several members was to just roll-over 2020 officers to next year. If you agree that this is best way to go, please let Cherie or me know. If you would like to be an officer let us know that too.

The last business item I have is our Skills Program donation. We have $3,000.00 left to distribute, but it probably won’t happen until next school year. Most classes are being conducted remotely at this time, so our donation will have to wait. Also, we need to decide if we want to continue with the Klamath Falls portion of the program as we no longer have any Klamath Falls members. Let Cherie or I know your thoughts on this.

I sincerely hope you will all continue to support Rogue Valley Corvettes through these trying times. We are a great group of people, and we always have a lot of fun when we are able to get together, and that will be soon I hope. In the meantime, please stay safe and keep in touch!

Don Silva, RVC President

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