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RVC Cools Off In Coos Bay

Twenty plus members and guests of Rogue Valley Corvettes left the HOT August Days
and nights of the Rogue Valley to spend a Corvette weekend at the cool and breezy
Oregon Coast. What a welcome the 60 degree weather was to all of us. It was the annual
weekend of the Corvettes on the Bay Event that is held by our friends of Pacific Coast

Friday night’s BBQ was once again held at Bastendorff State Park.  One RVC member
listened to his Garmin (by mistake) and his group was a bit late in arrival. As Corvettes
filled the parking lot we could smell the aroma of the hamburgers on the grill.  There
was plenty of homemade food for all and what a delight it was to be seeing many of our
old friends from various clubs.  The members of Pacific Coast Corvettes outdid themselves
with all the yummy desserts that they made.  Of course, we all over indulged in the feast.
Afterwards we headed back to the hotel, to get together on the lawn and have a chance to visit.

On Saturday morning we all headed out to get the cars all shiny for the Car Show at Ken
Ware Chevrolet.  Coffee and donuts were awaiting our arrival.  Soon we were all parked
and getting to work.  It is amazing to see all the Corvettes lined up; we did notice that there
are fewer and fewer C1’s, C2’s and C3’s showing  up at the events.  Arrangements had been
made for (those who wanted to go downtown for the Blackberry Festival Events.  There our
members found art/crafts booths, homemade pies and jams and other treats. The Car Show
lasted until 1 PM and then all were headed out to the Poker Run through the Coos Bay/North
Bend Area.  As usual the PCC members planned a very scenic cruise for us to go on.  But to no
one’s surprise none of us were lucky at cards.


The day at the dealership ended with the awards presentation at 5, then we all headed back to
the hotel to “freshen up”.  At 6 we all gathered at the Plank House Restaurant at the Mill Casino
for a delicious meal and more conversations.  Afterwards, we all headed back to the hotel to
spend a bit of “talk” time together on the lawn.

As usual, it was a fun event for all.  Thanks to Pacific Coast Corvettes and Ken Ware for hosting
this annual event.

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