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RVC Enjoys Great Winery Tour of Umpqua Valley


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(John Warren – RVC) — Regardless of liking wine or not…the drive from Grants Pass to the wine country in the Umpqua Valley is spectacular…wine or no wine.  Our drive into the Umpqua Valley to visit a couple of wineries last weekend was not only fun filled, but what a beautiful drive through those windy roads and beautiful mountains. It’s a good reminder of why we live in southern Oregon.  Last weekend we visited both Abacela and Chateau Nonchalant Vineyards…two wineries at the opposite ends of the spectrum.  Abacela’s property has rolling hills filled with vineyards while Chateau Nonchalant is tucked away at the end of a nearby valley surrounded by incredibly beautiful forests.  Each has it’s own beauty and each had incredibly wonderful hospitality and great wines.

We started off our day by meeting at the Merlin rest stop and gathered up all our Corvettes, a 1957 Chevy and a 2004 Mercedes SL/AMG…sort of like herding cats!  We had a very nice turnout…not sure if was because of the wine or the beautiful drive or probably both.  We actually managed to leave on time and no one got lost before our first stop, which was Abacela.  Once at Abacela we were graciously greeted by their employees and given glasses for our wine tasting.  While there…we not only had a chance to walk their property/wine tasting room, but we were given a tour of their cellars.  It was a very casual and enjoyable visit.

Next…we drove to Chateau Nonchalant that was only about 10 minutes away…tucked away at the end of a valley surrounded by mountains.  The day was sunny with light winds and our stay at this winery was so pleasant.  The atmosphere at Chateau Nonchalant is so casual and so inviting…relaxing doesn’t describe it well enough.  The owner gave us appetizers that could have been a meal in themselves.  Later, we had a picnic on their property, tasted and drank some of their very nice wines and simply enjoyed ourselves and visited with RVC members and guests…you didn’t want to leave…such an incredible location.

By mid afternoon we slowly gathered up ourselves, said goodbye to our new friends and RVC friends and headed home.  We truly had a great day driving our Corvettes through beautiful southern Oregon.

Sharon/John Warren and Sharrie/Joe Zagorski thank you for attending our event and hope to see you again on an equally fun trip.

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