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RVC Members Have Fun Day at Go Kart Track

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Tony & Diane Wiggins, Jim & Marilyn Pack, Cyndi Richards, Steve & Vickie Mulder,
Don Hoskins, Les Aseere, Morris & Virginia, Lori, Dave & Linda and Phil Greer came
out for a fun day of Go Kart racing.

Spectators were Marilyn, Diane, Lori, Virginia and Dave & Linda.

Racers were Tony (vfever), Jim (PACKMAN), Cyndi, Steve & Vickie
(gigi), Don, Les (bowtie), Morris (MDC), Phil. All racers ran 2 sessions. In the first race
Steve took first place, MDC second and our own Cyndi took third. Go Cyndi!!! In the
second race MDC took first, Steve M took second and Bowtie took third.

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Steve Mulder took first place this year for men’s with Morris Chamberlain coming in
second. Cyndi Richards took first place this year for women’s and Vickie Mulder took
second. Congratulations to all that participated. It sure looked like you were all enjoying
your ride from the spectators view.

We all had lunch and goodies in the party room that were provided by Lori and Marilyn.

Written by: Marilyn Pack

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