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Skills-USA Programs Check Presentations

Skills-USA Programs Check Presentations

Rogue Valley Corvettes made a presentation of $3,000 to the Skills-USA program on January 16th, 2018, at Eagle Point High School.  Matt Boren, instructor, was greatly appreciative of the donation.  Matt will be attending our February 10th RVC meeting at Bobbio’s Pizza, Central Point, to discuss the values of the Skills –USA program and the success of the students from his classroom.

North Valley High School Skills-USA Program, Grants Pass, received a donation of $3,000 in a classroom presentation on January 17th.  Ken Klumpp, instructor, was also very appreciative and spoke to his students regarding the support provided by Rogue Valley Corvettes in past years and our long term relationship with NVHS.  The Skills-USA group has repeatedly assisted in our annual Fall Classic Car Show as has EPHS.  Ken Klumpp provided us with examples of their new laser cutting and engraving capability which is being taught in his classroom.

Author: Jim Pack

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