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2022 Event Calendar

Jan 8: Monthly Meeting @ 4 Daughters 11:30 AM Jan Epperson
Jan 15: Joelson Car Museum Tour. 9:30 am at Eagle Point Visitor Center
Hwy. 62 Jon Dunn
Jan 28: Last Friday Lunch 11:30 AM. Location. Centennial Golf Course.
Feb 12: Monthly Meeting 11:30 at Mac’s Diner in Shady Cove.
Feb 25: Last Friday Lunch 11:30 AM Location TBD Steve?
March 9 : Possible Trip to Belle Fiori Winery Steve. Cancelled
March 12: Monthly Meeting 11:30 AM Tap Rock Grants Pass Cheri
March 25: Last Friday Lunch 11:30 AM Location Wild River Brewey, Medford
April 9: Monthly Meeting 11:30 AM Macs Diner Shady Cove.
Cars and Coffee every Saturday at 9 to 11 AM at Starbucks on Barnett in Medford
April 29: Last Friday Location is Centennial Golf Course
May 14: Monthly Meeting at Karen McQueen’s Home
May 20: RVC Car Caravan Denny Bar in Etna, CA. 
May 28: Last Saturday Lunch TBD
June 9: RVC Car Caravan Drive to Schmidt Family Winery
June 11: Monthly Meeting at Greg Danner and Susan Martin’s Home @ 11:30
June 17-18: Medford Cruise
June 21,22,23: Sun River/Bend High Desert and Cascade Lakes Drive
June 25: Last Saturday Lunch TBD
July 1: Drive Your Corvette To Lunch, At Daisy Creek Winery, Jacksonville @ 1 PM
July 9: Monthly Meeting at Rod McCleod and Cathy Fultineer’s House
July 6 – 10: 40th Annual Graffiti Weekend Car Show in Roseburg
July 14: Day Trip Brookings Harbor and lunch at Zola’s Restaurant
July 15-16: SOCA Corvette Weekend in Grants Pass
July 23: Kriselle Winery Day Trip
July 30: Last Saturday lunch TBD
August 12 & 13: Mill Casino and Saturday Car Show, Coos Bay



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