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(Bold or italicized wording indicates modification and/or voting decisions of the membership)



(accepted)  ·  Continue with lunch/dinner meetings (preferably no dinner meetings where driving at night is required).

(modified/accepted)  ·  Email the agenda with bullet point discussion topics prior to the meeting.

(accepted)  ·  Everyone use a microphone (we have hearing impaired members).  Have 2 microphones available.

(accepted)  ·  The President to set the tone for the meeting by following Roberts Rules of Order.  The attendees need to be polite, do not interrupt speakers, wait to be acknowledged before speaking and limit side conversations.

(moved to “Activities“)  ·  Have a Meeting Committee of two to three people to help set up the meetings. The responsibilities would be to:

(discarded)  ·  Set the meeting time and prior to meeting place beverage/food orders.   Have the meeting for about an hour and upon completion have the meal served and enjoy social time.

(accepted)  ·  Allow time on the agenda for open discussions as well as have time to share past activities by one of the attendees and highlight upcoming events.

(accepted)  ·  Email the minutes out to all members.  (Less than half of the membership currently accesses the Members Only Section of the website where the minutes are posted.  So they are not receiving information about what is happening in the club.)



(modified/accepted)  ·  Have the appointed Social Chairperson form an Activities Committee in the next few months to take up the suggestions and plan a Preliminary Calendar for the year.

(modified/accepted)  · Have the Social Chairperson identify a “back-up” chairperson from within the Activities Committee to fill-in if needed.

(modified/accepted)  ·  Include in the Activities Committee planning:

o Mid-week runs (40 voted for this 5 said no)

o Plan last Friday Socials

o Try to plan at least one overnight “big” event like the Jet Boat in Gold Beach or the Spruce Goose excursion that was done in the past.

o Plan an event in cities where we have members but we don’t hold meetings – i.e. California, Shasta, and Klamath Falls.

(accepted)  ·  Have different members host the various events. Part of their responsibilities would be to have a destination map available, review Cruise Etiquette, make reservations, if needed and promote participation.

o Email to the Host a copy of the sign-up sheet.

(modified/accepted)  ·  Have an Activities Committee member identified to send out email Event Reminders.

(postponed for further discussion)  ·  Discuss having a Phone Tree – could that work for RVC?

(moved/modified/accepted)  ·  Have two to three Activities Committee members help set up the meetings. The responsibilities would be to:

o Identify Restaurants that have ample parking, a separate room and a willingness to fit to our needs. Limit to 3 -4 restaurants and then alternate throughout the year.  Some that seem to fit our parameters from the past year are: Mac’s Diner, Centennial, Tap Rock, Bobbios and Grants Pass Golf Course. (Seek out other locations.)

o Establish a relationship with the restaurant manager and inquire about servers for the group.

      o Rotate the locations so that we don’t do same place/twice in a row.

(postponed)  *  Discuss having a Phone Tree – could that work for RVC?  Referred to 2019 Activities Committee for follow-up.                           



(accepted)   ·    Get the members involved in the decision processes (form committees for feedback)

(modified/accepted)  ·  Keep members informed:

o At the January meeting the Treasurer shall give members a list of reoccurring expenses for the club (i.e. Insurance, PO Box, and Web site Fee etc.)

o Email the meeting minutes to members. Email the minutes of Board of Trustee’s meeting to members. 

o Communication is essential.    

(modified/accepted)  ·   Brainstorm ideas for Charitable donations

o We have $6,000 set aside for a rainy day fund from past Fall Classics.  These monies need to be disbursed to Skills since all our advertising said we would donate to them. Funds will be distributed equally to the current Fall Classic recipients over the next 2 years. $1000 donation to each organization per year.  

o Discuss other potential future charitable donations (some suggested were Toys for the Needy, food donations, etc…but for the club to decide). Committee to be formed in 2019 to address issue.

(modified/accepted)  ·  Form a committee at the first of the year to discuss the RVC Website and Facebook

o Which of these communication Medias would be best for the club?

o Which would be used by members and also communicate to potential members?

o Which would be easier to manage?

o There currently are only 30 registered user names for the member’s only section. (35% of the total membership.)  Project A says that the site gets minimal hits every month.

o It has been suggested that Facebook might be a better vehicle to post information and events.

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