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President’s Letter April 18, 2022

President’s Letter – April 18, 2022

Dear members,
 This year is still proving to be a challenge to get back into some normal
activities although we are making progress and we do have some fun events
on our calendar,  John, Frank, Jan  and Rod are doing a great job of planning and
keeping us informed about upcoming events… Rod is doing a good job as secretary
and his responsibilities are far greater than the title suggests. Craig is keeping
the office of VP and I can tell you that his duties are beyond what the president does.!
Mary, (our Treasurer is starting to get back into the swing after some health challenges this year ( we hope for her speedy recovery).  We have several new members and I do hope that they give the club a chance to show them what a great bunch of Corvette enthusiasts we are…
We are hoping that this summer will be a smoke free one.  Hang in there with us..
We will enjoy it anyway.
Kerry Provancha
RVC President 
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